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The Home Of Holo wines is the cape floral kingdom...

Granted World Heritage status in 2004 in recognition of its astounding terrestrial biodiversity, the Cape Floral Kingdom is famous for its unique vegetation known as fynbos. Seventy per cent of the plants here grow nowhere else in the world.

This exceptional diversity mirrors the distinctive multicultural mix of passionate people who, together, have created a world-class wine industry. Holo Wines is proud to be associated with this hands-on endeavour.

Interesting Facts

Table Mountain is the imposing natural backdrop to the city of Cape Town. Almost twice the height of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Table Mountain appears to rise out of the Atlantic ocean. At 260 million years of age, it is one of the oldest geological formations in the world (even older than the creation of the Himalayas) and is listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

Cape Town’s oldest producing grape vine is to be found not on the vineyard slopes outside Cape Town, but in the heart of its CBD,  in the courtyard of the Heritage hotel, and dates back to 1771!

‘The world’s oldest viticulturally-rich soils trace back 100 million years to Gondwanaland, planet earth’s original supercontinent.’

South Africa is privileged to lie here at the southern end of the Mother Continent, whose spectacular fertility came to nurture what is now acknowledged as the cradle of humankind.

The Western Cape terroir is prolific for its wines due to the combination of a vast range of beneficial and complementary characteristics. Differing geological footprints and soil types, coupled with varied combinations of topography, altitude and climate (such as warm mountain slopes or cool coastal breezes) all influence the grapes as they mature, resulting in wines of unique character and complexity.

The February harvest embodies the passion of the people of the South whose harvest of love is reaped, matured and bottled for Holo Wines.

South Africa’s Wine of Origin (WO) system guarantees authenticity…

There are about 60 appellations within South Africa’s WO system (implemented in 1973) with a hierarchy of designated production regions, districts and wards. WO wines may only contain grapes from the specific area of origin, while ‘Single Vineyard’ wines originate from an area limited to no more than six hectares, consisting of a single variety of grape.

The Wine of  Origin system will serve to help you discover new wines as well as others similar to the ones you have come to love.

These are the wine Appellations systems of France and South Africa.

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What is the Wine Appellation System?

  • It guarantees authenticity
  • Helps identify and discover new wines, and ones similar to those you love

Regions are large areas which follow dominant geographical features such as the Coastal region and Breede River Valley. Districts are smaller areas which share environmental features that influence the style of the wines such as Stellenbosch and Constantia. Wards are areas of similar soil and geography producing wines of a distinct style.

From Vine To Table

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